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Designer Jewellery

Louise Barnfather also produces a number of limited edtion designer items. These pieces have already been designed, but are still made just for you and can be tailored to you own requirements. For example, you may like the style of the Tangled cufflinks but prefer them with sapphires set in white gold.

You will also find collections available on our JewelStreet Boutique.
Daube The distinctive layers of flourite are used in this silver pendant which is hung on a leather necklet. The swish of the artists brush encloses the rainbow of colour.
Lulu                                                          These four stands of freshwater pearls can be worn knotted or simply hanging loose for a stunning effect. Each ends in a 9ct gold bead,
shaped like the pearls themselves. The name, as well as being the name of the designer, is also the Arabic word for pearl (pronounced with short vowels). This area of the world has provided natural pearls for thousands of years.

Spiralled                                                   These geometrically designed cufflinks use progressively smaller squares to create a spiralling effect. Made in 9ct gold, they are simple yet striking, particularly when worn with matching shirt studs.

Tangled                                                    These silver cufflinks were designed for a gardener and reflect the haphazard array of plant roots. A spot of colour is added with emeralds, green being an important colour for gardeners as well as the birthstone for May. Other stones may be used.

Cascade                                                        Like a cascade of tiny red droplets, frozen in 18ct gold settings, this is truly a stunning collection of pieces. A range of different sizes of ruby are used to create the effect, with each piece, whilst different in scale, matching in pattern.
Lavender Collection
Part of the Lavender collection, this delightful amethyst and silver ring uses pear shaped stones set around the whole band. With memories of summer days, the piece preserves the effect of plucking a lavender stem from a nearby bush and winding it around the finger.
Windward Collection
Part of the Windward collection, these silver
shirt studs, cufflinks and necklet were designed for a "seafaring man".  They reflect the simple elegance of a yacht in full sail and invoke memories of the exhilaration of wind and speed.
Guardian Angel
Inspired by friends and family who live away,
this tiny silver angel will help keep loved ones
safe. It is designed to be worn either with
existing jewellery, through the link of a chain or
necklet, or simply as a pin.
Lavender Collection
This Collection, uses pear shaped amethysts set in silver or white gold to invoke memories of summer days.  Each of the pieces preserve the effect of plucking a lavender stem from a nearby bush and winding it around the finger, wrist or neck.
jade Jade
These dress cufflinks are each made from four New Zealand jade beads. They are cradled in silver arms in an unusual setting.

These unusual cufflinks use the two halves of an ancient geode, displaying the stunning crystal interior. Each piece is set in a silver claw setting.


The Egyptian influenced design of this beaded necklace produce a stunning effect when worn simply looped through the catch. The seven strands are made from tigers eye, interspersed with gold plated beads at differing intervals. The name comes from the Arabic for tiger.

virginia Petuwe
This silver pendant was inspired by the
North American Virginia Creeper. The leaves are
made from marquis shaped peridot and
emeralds, the birthstone for May. The name
comes from the North American Indian words for
'sea bright', which are the meanings of the two
Celtic elements of the name Muriel.
voluta pendant Voluta                                                          This heavy solid silver pendant was inspired by the shape of the twisted double helix of DNA.  Spirals have long been used as the symbols of life and death.  Voluta is from the Italian for spiral.
ramasi Ramasi                                                       This silver collection is set with stunning emerald cut peridots.  It includes earrings, pendant, bangle and ring.  The name comes from the Swahili for green and diamond.
molten Molten                                                        This unusually textured collection can be made from solid silver or 9ct gold.  It's irregular texture attempts to capture the essence of molten metal as it starts to solidify.  There are a number of pieces in the collection including earrings, ring, torc and pendant.
molten Lightweight Molten                                      Like the standard Molten collection these pieces can be made of silver or 9ct gold.  The irregular texture attempts to capture the essence of moten metal as it starts to solidify.
molten cuff Honeycomb Molten                                         This new Molten collection is made of solid silver.  The irregular texture attempts to capture the essence of molten metal as it starts to solidify while the honeycombed effect gives an extra dimension to these stunning pieces.
lava pendant

Lava Molten                                                      Part of the molten collection, the unusual shapes of this silver pendant are created by quenching in water in much the same way as molten lava.

creation Creation                                                      This award winning pendant is available in silver with a dark freshwater pearl.  It represents the flash of creation when the polynesian god Tane, said to have been inspired by the beauty of pearls, created the stars.
aetos Aetos                                                          This stunning silver bangle shows two graceful eagle rays as they dance through Caribbean seas, their long tails forming the bangle as it twists around the wrist.  The name comes from the Greek for eagle.
calla pendant Calla                                                           This pretty silver pendant was inspired by the beautiful Calla lily.  It can be made with the stone of your choice and is shown here with green amber.
tane torc Tane                                                           This silver torc holds a single dark freshwater pearl at its end.  It is named after the Polynesian god of beauty and harmony who was said to have been inspired to create the stars by the beauty of pearls.

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