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The Bespoke Design Process

Jewellery is a very personal choice and having your own piece designed can be an extremely satisfying process. The time invested in ensuring the designs are exactly what are required, results in a piece that will be worn and treasured for years.

  • Personal Consultation Louise Barnfather will discuss your initial requirements - what sort of item you are looking for, why you are commissioning the piece (anniversary, birthday, wedding etc.), budget range, design ideas you may have, your design preferences. This part of the process is free of charge, with no obligation.
  • Initial Sketches We will show you some initial ideas and find out what you like and dislike about them. We can then discuss the options and narrow down the budget.
  • Finial Illustration Louise will produce a final illustration of your agreed design, which will be used to make the finished piece. At this stage you will also receive a written quotation and a delivery date.
  • Production Your jewellery will then be manufactured. How long this will take depends on the complexity of the design and the materials used. Stones sourced abroad or which need to be specially cut, for example, will mean longer production times. The piece will also need to be hallmarked and will bear the Louise Barnfather design stamp.
  • Delivery You will receive your unique jewellery in its own box, complete with title and description. Each piece of Louise Barnfather jewellery is named, sometimes linked to the reason for the commission, often inspired by the design itself.

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