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Dress Rings

The Kukuo ring was designed to celebrate 40 years. Each decade is represented by a generous single square cut amethyst. The rich royal purple of the amethyst inspired the name of this piece, Kukuo, which is the Japanese word for royal – a fitting name for a ring for Sarah, which means princess.
Wezuka                                                        The Wezuka ring was designed to be worn with the Wezuka torc. It holds a single rainbow moonstone from east Africa, held in place by a simple twist of gold. The name comes from the swahili for twisted moonlight.
Colette                                                         This striking 18ct gold ring uses the contrasting colours of lime green peridot and the rich purple
of amethyst to great effect. Two significant pear shaped peridots are surrounded by six, round and marquis shaped, amethysts. The name is simply from the individual the ring was designed for.
guinevere Guinevere                                                    This 9ct gold ring is set with 8 garnets and 9 peridot in a floral vine design around the band. The garnets came from a ring belonging to Jeni's grandmother, for whom this ring was made. Guinevere is the welsh origin of Jennifer.
Thalia                                                            This stunning millennium cut tourmaline is set in a 9ct gold ring. The greenish blue, 4.57ct stone is indicolite tourmaline, one of the many colours of this gem. Due to its existence in numerous colours, tourmaline is also known as the Muse's stone. The name Thalia is the name of one of the nine Muses.


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