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Pendants and Necklaces

Arabesque                                                    Our future is intrinsically linked with our present and our past. ‘Arabesque’ is a metaphor for the crossing of paths in life’s journey, with rose gold representing the past, yellow gold the present and white gold the future. Each strand ends in a diamond, representing the clarity of self, desired in the trilogies of time.

Hanawa                                                   Inspired by a Japanese family crest, this 9ct gold pendant encompasses a generous aquamarine, the birth stone of March. The name, Hanawa, is the Japanese word for garland, taken from the meaning of Loretta, 'crowned with laurel', for whom the pendant was made.

Wezuka                                                        This stunning 9ct gold torc holds two rainbow moonstones. These east African gems are held at the end of a twisted snake like design that hangs from the torc. The name comes from the swahili for twisted moonlight. (See also rings)

Zaliwa                                                            The Zaliwa pendant, from the Swahili to be born,
uses pear shaped tanzanite to represent tears of joy at the birth of a child. They are set in platinum with diamonds to represent love and the red of the Maasai picked out in the cradling red rubies.

Delos                                                      Inspired by the psychedelic patterns of the seventies, this piece uses bloodstones, one of the March or Aries birthstones, set in 9ct gold. The result is a modern, significant piece which will always be noticed. The name comes from the Greek meaning visible.

Khazna                                                               This heavy silver pendant is set with three lapis lazuli cabochons. An ancient stone, lapis was once thought to guard against evil and the name of the piece, ‘Khazna’, comes from the Arabic, meaning ‘safe’.

moahni Moahni
The open sea provided the inspiration for this silver pendant. The gentle curves and different textures are designed to represent a rolling ocean under the keel of a graceful yacht. The name Moahni comes from the Moari words for beautiful and sea.
wish Wish
This stunning 18ct white gold pendant holds a 3.22ct trillion cut Tanzanite in a simple but striking wish bone design.


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