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Trading Conditions

Bespoke Service

  1. A written quotation will be provided once the final design has been agreed upon.
  2. The final drawing will be used to produce the piece, it is therefore important that the client is completely happy with it. Barnfather Designs cannot be held responsible for changes to the final design made by the customer if these are not agreed and included on the final drawing.
  3. Barnfather Designs reserve the right to make small alterations to the piece if in doing so the structure is improved. This will not detract from the overall design.
  4. Payment schedules for bespoke work is as follows: Following initial discussions and sketches a deposit of £50 is required before production of the final drawing. A further payment of 50% of the final costs is required prior to commencement of production of the piece. The balance is payable on delivery.
  5. Subsequent design idea sketches and changes to final drawings will be completed without charge within reason. Barnfather Designs reserve the right to charge for changes make by the client where it considers them to be unreasonable.
  6. All payments should be by cheque, payable to Louise Barnfather, or cash.
  7. The production of items involves a number of processes. Timescales for delivery of finished pieces will be confirmed when the written quote is agreed.
  8. Where delivery timescales rely on items, such as gemstones, to be delivered from elsewhere, Barnfather Designs reserve the right to alter the final delivery schedule. This will be communicated to you as soon as possible.
  9. Copyright of all designs remains the property of Louise Barnfather.

Designer Jewellery Sales

  1. As all jewellery is individually produced there may be slight differences between the purchased item and those pictured on the Barnfather Design website.
  2. Delivery timescales can vary per piece, depending upon it's complexity and materials used, and will be advised. Delivery is generally between 4 and 6 weeks.
  3. Production will proceed as soon as payment is received in full, although cheques will not be cashed until items are dispatched.
  4. Items will be sent by registered post.
  5. Copyright of all designs remains the property of Louise Barnfather.


The content of this website, the images and designs are the copyright of Louise Barnfather.