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Engagement and Wedding Rings

Our bespoke design service can make your special day even more unique. We can design and manufacture stunning engagement and wedding rings for both men and women entirely to suit you.  Our Design Process section explains what happens and you can use the calculator in Setting your budget to help you plan. 

Below are some recent examples of our work.

Akoe                                                    Diamond, is used in its uncut form in this 18ct gold ring. The 0.95ct stone is tension set to keep the design clean and simple. The name, Akoe, comes from the Moari words meaning 'of you', where 'of' is in the context of 'belonging to'.

Adya                                                         This a-symmetrical ring was designed and made
using the diamonds from an emotionally valued ring. The seven stones are set in 18ct yellow gold on an 18ct white gold band. The name, Adya, is the eastern European pet form of Andrew.
Forever                                                       This 18ct ring carries two brilliant cut 0.7ct diamonds set in the twisted gold of the band. It has six progressively smaller stones set around the ring.
adal Adal
This 18ct white gold engagement ring carries a 0.71ct princess cut diamond. It also has two smaller stones set in the band to enhance the sparkle. The name Adal comes from the old Germanic, meaning ‘noble’, from which the name Alison evolved.
Marriage                                             Designed to replace a lost ring, this piece symbolises the continuing long marriage of two people. It pulls on the leaf engraving of the original wedding band, worn away by time, through nine diamonds set in a leaf and stem design.

We can also design items for the wedding party, either individually or along the same theme as the wedding rings.  Pendants and earrings for the bride, bracelets for the bridesmaids, cufflinks and shirts studs for the groom and best man - you'll find examples in the bespoke items and designer jewellery sections, just click on the links.

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